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Lucas, 26 June 2019

It was exciting journey with dating site. Thanks for helping me to find my soulmate. Read More »

Renette, 21 June 2019

Thank you so much for your site, I have met my special person. Read More »

Brandy, 4 June 2019

I believe I meet my match through this site. Thank y'all Read More »

Magda, 14 May 2019

I found my match on the site and super excited to take it further. Read More »

Mariaan, 9 May 2019

I am so happy. Thank you. Blessing to all the Subscribers may you all find that special person in your life. Read More »

Brandon, 9 May 2019

I found the love of my life on here and married her! Read More »

Corina, 4 May 2019

Thanks for all your help in helping me find that special one who loves Jehovah just like I do. Read More »

Jaques, 4 May 2019

I found my soulmate thanks. Read More »

Lerato, 2 May 2019

I met my match on the site and we are very happy. Read More »

Ben, 28 April 2019

I met a fantastic person as well as 3 friends on the site -have already recommended this to a friend of mine. Thank you for running a professional site. Read More »

Paul, 25 April 2019

Thank you, I have found my match and I am very happy. Read More »

Reuben Malolika, 24 April 2019

It was a nice gesture after long time of searching I eventually found my life partner Read More »

Shirly, 20 April 2019

Thanks a lot I found my perfect Match.good luck to does that are still looking. Read More »

Otlotleng, 10 April 2019

Thanks to this site😍 I found my match and love of my life in a space of 2 months 🤗. Read More »

Tumelo, 1 April 2019

I met someone very special & he could be my potential future hubby. Our connection is strong and he is exactly what I have been waiting for. Thank you. Read More »

Clearissa, 24 March 2019

I have chosen to delete my profile because I have found someone I believe loves me, and that I love, and this member and I have agreed, for Trust, in a long distance relationship with the intention of marriage, to delete our profiles from this site. Read More »

Michael, 14 March 2019

Thanks found what I'm looking for...whooohooooo!!!! Read More »

Teboho, 11 March 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making my dream come true, I met my princess,wife and a friend on the site. Soon I'll be the happiest man in the world we will be getting married, on my birthday I'll be giving myself a lovey and best present I've ever wished for. Again thank you so much for making this possible for me and my future wife. Read More »

Janelle, 24 February 2019

I highly recommended this site no you will not find your match super fast you need to be patient all good things come to those who wait Iím so happy I found what Iíve been missing ❤️ Read More »

Lydia, 13 December 2018

Good morning, after being on this site for almost 2 years, meeting people that became great friends however not THE one for ever after. And then when I least expect it We have found each other!! We knew immediately the same day we met, this is different. How great to experienced that when two people are destined to be... We are looking forward to a wonderful life together Read More »

Fanie, 20 November 2018

Happily married. Thanks to this site and all the wonderful people I have been in touch with. Read More »

Lida, 9 November 2018

After many years and many mishaps, the universe decided to smile at last, and I met the most magical soulmate..... Read More »

Mischa, 1 October 2018

I have found my soulmate and getting married to him. Jippeee.. Thank you so much. Read More »

Glenn, 18 September 2018

This was an exciting journey!! My heart has found what it was searching for. She is wonderful and amazing!! Thank you very much!! Read More »